15. nov. 2018
6 930 987 Ogledi

Yeah, yeah. I know bros. I havent uploaded in a while. My dog kept eating my vids...Don't worry I have disposed of the dog. There isn't going to be anything keeping me from making vids now.

Lottery odds re-visualized/conceptualized:

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  • I JUST WON THE LOTTERY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Mind JokerMind JokerPred dnevom
  • How did you know I was eating mold strawberrys

    Dustin StanleyDustin StanleyPred dnevom
  • I believe you have a greater chance of being president then winning the lottery.

    Maester Dante AmadeusMaester Dante AmadeusPred dnevom
  • Nah you're just saying this so that you can get a chance to win the lottery

    NoAnime NoLifeNoAnime NoLifePred 3 dnevi
  • I just won the lottery by watching this video

    DantooineRNGDantooineRNGPred 3 dnevi
  • I have to constantly harass my father over buying scratch tickets, but he keeps bringing up the fact he won 10,000 off a 2$ scratcher and it pisses me off lmao

    Hwey guyHwey guyPred 3 dnevi
  • ahhhh yes fond memories looking back when this rambling bag of sticks contracted COVID-21 aids and infected the world. Thanks alot

    ClapdOut GamingClapdOut GamingPred 4 dnevi
  • i just literally threw up when I saw the moldy strawberry

    Šimon KernŠimon KernPred 4 dnevi
  • I won the lottery Kappa

    Sloppy PuppySloppy PuppyPred 5 dnevi
  • idubbbz stated that "NO ONE watching this video will EVER win the lottery" So the average amarican spends $219 dollars on lottery tickets a year multiply that by the life expectancy which is 79 that equals $17301 so an average lottery ticket is $3 in the US so that means an average American buys 5767 lottery tickets in a life time so if winning the lottery is 1 to 300million.... 5767 times 6.9million views = 39billion lottery tickets bought throughout all of this videos viewers so 39billion dived by 300million = 130... so that means aventually 130 people who watched this video will win the lottery jackpot

    Ceo Of SwagCeo Of SwagPred 8 dnevi
  • COVID!!!!!!!

    RamenRamenPred 9 dnevi
  • my great grandma won the lottery

    Slam ChristSlam ChristPred 10 dnevi
  • Honestly a very great point conveyed more people need to see this.

    Gundam BoizGundam BoizPred 11 dnevi
  • Someone has to pay for our schools and if it werent for idiots like these, my taxes would go up

    TeaInTheMorning4929TeaInTheMorning4929Pred 12 dnevi
  • What doesn't make sense is how casino gambling is illegal in every state except Nevada and Native American reservations, but the lottery is in almost every state. I know gambling is a loosing bet too but not anything close to the extreme improbability of winning the lottery.

    TeaInTheMorning4929TeaInTheMorning4929Pred 12 dnevi
  • yeah but ian bro in the uk the national lottery helps people start buisneses and so on. i mean im not stupid enough to think i wouldthree doors down as a child my perants friend won 2mil the way i look at that is the win came close to me but missed by three doors. im never gunna get that close again so iv never bought one! fuck tht

    Family ThreeFamily ThreePred 17 dnevi
  • i work at a gas station and i can vouch for everything Ian has said. products sold at exorbitant prices made by slaves in china.

    Collected Happy3Collected Happy3Pred 17 dnevi
  • If you want to play the lottery you have to be the ones distributing the tickets

    America Is my cityAmerica Is my cityPred 18 dnevi
  • Replace lottery with capitalism

    joselojoseloPred 19 dnevi
  • my mom won 5 bucks so your wrong my mom won

    Chicken noodle SoupChicken noodle SoupPred 19 dnevi
  • my brother won three lottery tickets. all of them gave a prize of another lottery tickets

    Nick CurrentNick CurrentPred 20 dnevi
  • OH.. shit motorcycle revving

    austinaustinPred 21 dnevom
  • damn, mr beast....

    Kiril GjorgievskiKiril GjorgievskiPred 23 dnevi
  • I am a gas station worker. Fuck the lottery. When that shit gets a big jackpot, our store is so fucking busy I hate it.

    Justin PriestJustin PriestPred 23 dnevi
  • I have always wanted to play the lottery, just for shit and giggles. But i have always been to embarrassed to buy a ticket.

    Patrick ByrPatrick ByrPred 23 dnevi
    • Same

      GavinTheMadManGavinTheMadManPred 22 dnevi
  • Think of this, MrBeast spent $1,000,000 And didn't get the biggest prize.

    MrMartwyMrMartwyPred 23 dnevi
  • Ill say this, its not always dumb people. Some people are genuinely desperate. They are told, "there is a chance that you'll never need to worry about any financial problems for the next 5 generations if you give me two dollars. Chances are you won't win, but the reality exists in which you do". Other people have gambling addictions as well

    Pyroguy096Pyroguy096Pred 24 dnevi
  • Lottery is a tax on the poor

    WAFFEN SSWAFFEN SSPred 24 dnevi
  • **Iv never even spent 1$ on any lottery!**

    Slim JesusSlim JesusPred 24 dnevi
  • God damn I was going to make a video about this. I work at a gas station and it's basically the hunger games, "We will pick one person of poverty to get out of poverty we just need your life blood."

    EggsEggsPred 25 dnevi
  • If you actually win the lottery, consider yourself extremely unlucky. There are so many depressing stories about lottery winners.

    DancingDragonsDancingDragonsPred 26 dnevi
  • Dude, you're a simp who lets old men get off to your girlfriend. Nothing u say has any merit anymore..

    Jared Genesis The Alpha Male Over 9000Jared Genesis The Alpha Male Over 9000Pred 27 dnevi
  • How many people have lost? All of them.

    Eric D’DeeEric D’DeePred 27 dnevi
  • I have to watch this everytime I think about playing the lottery. Thank you Ian

    Alex DAlex DPred 28 dnevi
  • My grandparents won the lottery ones... theyre the only ones i ever knew who won

    Frederik HedamFrederik HedamPred 29 dnevi
  • I won a scratch of ticket when I was 7 that was 8 years ago I won 10 bucks never won again lll

    BIG OL DOGG!!BIG OL DOGG!!Pred mesecem
  • I had a friend who won around 4 million on the first ticket he ever bought on his 18th birthday. Crazy shit.

    outlaw Josey Walesoutlaw Josey WalesPred mesecem
    • Name?

      GavinTheMadManGavinTheMadManPred 22 dnevi
  • furries are cool though you fuck

    Mofu TofuMofu TofuPred mesecem
  • When the Mega million hits a billion the odds of winning decrease because more people buy tickets

    G 546G 546Pred mesecem
  • I mean- if you tell people somethings impossible or very unlikely some take that as a challenge-

    SunshineLolipopsSunshineLolipopsPred mesecem
  • Lottery is exactly like gambling (I mean in casinos). The only way you can do it without hurting yourself would be by doing it in a very limited way that makes the existence of such establishments impossible. Like buy 10 lottery tickets in your life. The money you spent on that would be negligible and maybe its a little fun (although probably not worth it still). Or if you play poker with your friends and exchange pocket change or whatever (again, I personally would just play poker with my friends and not have any money riding on it). You know, something that does not ruin a life. Dostoevsky wrote an interesting book on this "The Gambler". And I think he really nails why gambling is so shit. Spoiler Alert! Aside from the obvious, you will never win, he actually entertains the idea of what if the gambler actually got the money? Well he will have nothing to do, be miserable and just spend it all on pointless crab so that once he is broke can once again gamble for the money so he can finally be happy. The only people who win the lottery and become happy are those who just give away all of the price money. If you cannot be happy while you are poor you will not be happy once you get rich.

    Lain IwakuraLain IwakuraPred mesecem
  • My friend and his coworkers shipped in and they won!!! He got like 5 million!

    BlackCloud 1985BlackCloud 1985Pred mesecem
  • cu-

    KodiakKodiakPred mesecem
  • I won £10

    James PrayterJames PrayterPred mesecem
  • "it's a tax on poor people/stupid people." goes on to explain why people gamble because of how they have no money. yeah people are stupid because they are sick of the the shitty pay their work gives the and are hoping to not have to do that job anymore, yeah dumb people. that has to be one of the most ignorant things I have ever heard.

    I'mYoUrHosT ToAsT O_oI'mYoUrHosT ToAsT O_oPred mesecem
  • Only person that can win a lottery is dream.

    NeverTheLess ProductionsNeverTheLess ProductionsPred mesecem
  • Wish I would have seen this when it came out

    Lencho TorresLencho TorresPred mesecem
  • You cant brainwash Ian Idubbbz

    Spencer BarrettSpencer BarrettPred mesecem
  • The lottery is also impossible to win because even if you DID "win" you still lose because you know that big amount money you just "won" people notice and suddenly your gonna have people coming out of the woodwork trying to get as much money as they can from you. Even resorting to crime in some cases to try and get that money which of course might lead down the road of suicide or depression when people you thought where "family" start betraying you.

    Angrey AlligatorAngrey AlligatorPred mesecem
  • straight facts here

    Twinbornduke308Twinbornduke308Pred mesecem
  • My father unfortunately gambles non stop with lottery tickets and bets on football games and blows so much money, I want to rattle some sense into his bald head

    Bearz DLCBearz DLCPred mesecem
  • I only ever bought one $10 one and I won $100 from it

    Jack RamseyJack RamseyPred mesecem
  • I've bullied my parents and loved ones for two years and they still buy 'em.

    Scrug KruxScrug KruxPred mesecem
  • And I think the lottery is about to become my worst nightmare.

    BqpahDoes StuffBqpahDoes StuffPred mesecem
  • E

    Ryder MorrisonRyder MorrisonPred mesecem
  • In my country lottery ads are actually funny. They show people buying small things nobody would buy regularly, so that must mean they won the lottery. I remember only two ads, but it's still funny: In one ad, there were two young friends in a hotel, and one of them picks a drink from the little overpriced fridge in their room, because nobody without a shitload of money would buy that. His friend makes a weird face and it cuts to the prices of the lotto and all the information. In another, a group of co-workers try collecting money to buy a gift for their boss or something, basically, nobody wants to. Then one dude jumps and gives a 100 (30 dollars, I'm not american), and everyone just kinda stares at this madman who gave away to someone he doesn't even like 30 dollars. Also since it's a small country, lottery companies actually give a lot of stuff back to communities.

    Alon AlperovichAlon AlperovichPred mesecem
  • never tell me the odds

    fairen artemisfairen artemisPred mesecem
  • Imagine if one of these people won, what do they do with the money? Lose it all like the poverty riddled mind that they are.

    Quite IndeedQuite IndeedPred mesecem
  • yes. that is why i never lottery. i knew always its just fake "investment" with chances so little that dying on bed asleep is more likely

    RoxasZy98RoxasZy98Pred mesecem
  • Ian doesn't win lottery... IDUBBBZ COMPLAINSSS

    Emily HanEmily HanPred mesecem
  • I love the lottery, paid for my college tuition, Florida Bright Futures

    RRPred mesecem
  • I mean it's like what.. $5 a ticket? Sombodies gonna win it, and if you don't then oh no! You lost $15! You're never going to financially recover from that!

    Garrett BGarrett BPred mesecem
  • This just in: Dream wins the lottery on his first ticket (He's just lucky)

    DilloninatorDilloninatorPred mesecem
  • hnngnhgh me scrach tikcet go *kshkshkshskhshsk*

    The Third IntellectualThe Third IntellectualPred mesecem
  • Our family has a tradition of having a scratch off ticket each at Christmas as in our country lots of the money actually goes to charities so even if none of us win anything it's for a good cause and wee only spending a couple of pounds.

    GamingKoalaHDGamingKoalaHDPred mesecem
  • The ad to this video is the Vegas casino 😂😂

    David ZanyDavid ZanyPred mesecem
  • Idubbbz just hate dreams

    Ghetto GothicsGhetto GothicsPred mesecem
    • well I hate goths

      marsh34marsh34Pred mesecem
  • Thanks man I needed this

    Youre sofa king We todd didYoure sofa king We todd didPred mesecem
    • we all did and do

      marsh34marsh34Pred mesecem
  • we need the lottery song on spotify but like a full version

    Marvin HMarvin HPred mesecem
  • I had a gambling problem that I didn't even realize I had before going to Reno. I lost over 2000 dollars in a single night. The fact that this is just okay to do to people is kinda sickening and seeing so many people fall victim to the same gambler's fallacy that I fell for is alarming.

    Andy FrostAndy FrostPred mesecem
  • Anyone here won the lottery?

    Hayden YoungHayden YoungPred mesecem
  • When I was growing up my mom or my uncle would buy like 1 or 3 lottery tickets and I thought that was a lot when I was young but now it’s very sad to think there are people spending hundreds on tickets

    Yuichi NakamuraYuichi NakamuraPred mesecem
  • When I was growing up my mom or my uncle would buy like 1 or 3 lottery tickets and I thought that was a lot when I was young but now it’s very sad to think there are people spending hundreds on tickets

    Yuichi NakamuraYuichi NakamuraPred mesecem
  • Yeah this just made me wanna purchase a lottery ticket...

    Donald CottermanDonald CottermanPred mesecem
  • Bought a scratch ticket once. Cost $1. I won $1. Biggest waste of time in human history.

    Silvio SofiaSilvio SofiaPred mesecem
  • Why do I want to buy a lottery ticket now?

    TheDiamondStew //YTTheDiamondStew //YTPred mesecem
  • Okay what about in 7.5 trillion chance?

    AristideAristidePred mesecem
  • It was covid that he had, iDubzzz did this

    Leo HorchlerLeo HorchlerPred mesecem
  • In Spain we say "lottery is the tax of the dumb people"

    Misha BMMisha BMPred mesecem
  • If you played the lottery every day since the beginning of the universe, at an ods of 1 in a trillion, youre almost garunteed to fail still

    Ruler WorldRuler WorldPred mesecem
  • Sorry Ian but I am not going to stop playing Elephant Hotel in roblox

    Chitaki MushroomChitaki MushroomPred mesecem
  • 0:03 hole of chair

    Chitaki MushroomChitaki MushroomPred mesecem
  • If you show this to Dream fans they will deny it

    Ealvarez GamingEalvarez GamingPred mesecem
  • Dream should try and win the lottery

    Foe lolFoe lolPred mesecem
    • lol

      g gg gPred mesecem
  • People Are stupid

    ScubaJoe YTScubaJoe YTPred mesecem
  • I agree with this

    ScubaJoe YTScubaJoe YTPred mesecem
  • only time I will play the lottery is if I see numbers in my dream and remember them when I wake up

    OnfroiOnfroiPred mesecem
  • In my region the lottery contributes to scholarships in cooperation with the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. It also helps that my community doesn't really have a poor community, just variations of middle class.

    Sans from EarthboundSans from EarthboundPred mesecem
  • I buy 1-2 scratch off tickets a year as impulse buys and one time I got $50.

    Angus RhotonAngus RhotonPred mesecem
  • Anyone else remember that how to basic won like 1000 or something from the lottery

    TouramssTouramssPred mesecem
  • Me looking at the description, calling so much bullshit 😤😤

    Abby CottonAbby CottonPred mesecem
  • Jeff Bezos at a gas station after watching this video: "Hi, I'd like to buy 1 billion lotto tickets"

    Tom DoyleTom DoylePred mesecem
  • I never bought an lottery ticket but I used to enjoy like a game when I was a kid (kid be stupid thought)

    Marco AntonioMarco AntonioPred mesecem
  • I dont play the lottery.. but, i sold a mega-bucks ticket in july 2019 in oregon for 6.5 million to an old man

    One Man ArmyOne Man ArmyPred mesecem
  • Here is a free tip: Instead of buying lottery tickets, put the money into a passive index fund over the next 10-20+ years. There is a 100% chance you will win more on this, than this stupid game.

    Jonas HansenJonas HansenPred mesecem
  • My brother when he cringes just walks away I thought he a pussy or just over reacting, when that woman pulled out my that fat stack of 20’s and said she wanted 5000 tickets I had to take a short 10 minute break just to take in my thoughts.

    MiloTheServantMiloTheServantPred mesecem
  • Jesus, this was two years ago?!

    Jason VoorheesJason VoorheesPred mesecem
  • Is this a video about Dream's speedrun?

    Lucas Da SilvaLucas Da SilvaPred mesecem

    Brovid-19Brovid-19Pred mesecem
  • If I'm ever going to a casino to play, I'm puting all my budget on 1 number at the roullete

    Juan Ordóñez GalbánJuan Ordóñez GalbánPred mesecem