23. jan. 2020
4 476 817 Ogledi

Man tries to cheat a breathalyzer test. You should never drink any liquids period. Dry throat gang.


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  • that end, got me.. fk

    Marthin NielsenMarthin NielsenPred 19 urami
  • 9:55 all step dads

    CrowelyCrowelyPred 3 dnevi
  • You know what I don't even drink but imma try this. Just for the meme

    CrowelyCrowelyPred 3 dnevi
  • Smoking a beer with the boys

    Charles EvansCharles EvansPred 3 dnevi
  • Lol you've never heard of the locking ignition? Bro were your parents and grandparents even alcoholics?

    Judd PenkaJudd PenkaPred 3 dnevi

    Ԁяєɰp831Ԁяєɰp831Pred 3 dnevi

    Slim JesusSlim JesusPred 4 dnevi
  • Damn, im pretty bad but you gotta be some kind of degenerate alcoholic to be desperate enough to inhale alcohol like its meth. God damn.

    BubbleGumBabeFaceBubbleGumBabeFacePred 6 dnevi
  • Sheesh

    Yankee with a brimYankee with a brimPred 6 dnevi
  • cannibals flexin be like 0:18

    Taran GroverTaran GroverPred 7 dnevi
  • I think that we should call the black tip of a banana an anus

    Luis GomezLuis GomezPred 10 dnevi
  • I think going to a bar and smoking your alcohol is more embarrassing then having an interlock system in your car

    Connor HaussConnor HaussPred 11 dnevi
  • Anyone else feel like they’re watching techmoan?

    Andy RichterAndy RichterPred 12 dnevi
  • I'd rather just drink a joint.

    mosatsonimosatsoniPred 12 dnevi
  • its entirely unfair that you dont serve a prison sentence after a dui nah forget that lets just force him to blow into a machine... my life is pretty hard

    Huh CjayHuh CjayPred 13 dnevi
  • it is nice vaping a nice spirit. you hould try it its cool.

    Family ThreeFamily ThreePred 14 dnevi
  • Man really said hes too drunk to fail a walk test but will happily get in a vehicle and drive

    Bread MilkBread MilkPred 14 dnevi
  • Busting a jive 🤩

    Rahm ShoshanaRahm ShoshanaPred 16 dnevi
  • 7:38 makes me dry heave with how hard I'm laughing

    Potion SellerPotion SellerPred 17 dnevi
  • "Ay you vape?.....what flavor main"

    SnekaLex AKA CenanemSnekaLex AKA CenanemPred 20 dnevi
  • Here's a cool life hack: If your car won't start unless you have 0.0% alcohol in your blood, What you need to do is to take a glass bottle, you break it, and point the broken part to your neck, then you press it on your neck. Really efficient, very quick and easy way to fool any device, trust me I did it once, and didn't have to worry about my level of alcohol in my blood anymore. But really, don't even try it, this is only a joke, doing it will kill or injure you severely.

    kevin watersonkevin watersonPred 23 dnevi
  • bruh my mom has one of those blowers in her car, but shes had it for 2 years

    Beautie ZzzBeautie ZzzPred 26 dnevi
  • Sensual moments

    ElliottElliottPred 27 dnevi
  • It's easy to say "Just don't drink" to someone with an alcohol problem but what most people often forget is that alcoholics can die, have seizures, hallucinate, have severe insomnia, tremors, etc. All from withdrawals that last until your next drink if the alcoholic in question is a chronic drinker. To be able to "Just not drink" they would have to go through the ER to be treated for immediate withdrawals and then sent to detox to get medications regulated for the lasting symptoms and cravings, and they would still need therapy or rehab after that.

    Sikstene 16Sikstene 16Pred 29 dnevi
    • Okay how about "Just don't drive" is that better?

      Zeke SpearsZeke SpearsPred 10 dnevi
    • Okay, still not an excuse to drink and drive. If you can't stop drinking then don't drive lol

      NauticalSpongeNauticalSpongePred 24 dnevi
  • This guys a piece of shit, jesus just don’t drink and drive.

    Brandon BlairBrandon BlairPred 29 dnevi
  • 0:17 jeffree to kanye

    burble burbburble burbPred mesecem
  • “Time to blow bitch, it’s been 20 minutes” “Bro I’m at 75 right n..” “DISENGAGE”

    MeSaDrumsMeSaDrumsPred mesecem
  • I dont like how nonchalantly he says "I'm going to smoke alcohol" like its something everybody does

    Project OnyxProject OnyxPred mesecem
  • Anyone else think Ian and Gus are kinda the same?

  • My life is bad

    oblongsnailoblongsnailPred mesecem
  • Smoking alcohol kinda sounds like crack cocaine

    Jaden LJaden LPred mesecem
  • that video had a lot of views, i wonder what happened when his probation officer saw it.

    Gay FrogsGay FrogsPred mesecem
  • I dubbz is an alcoholic!

    Shawn RichShawn RichPred mesecem
  • Show me the squirrels wild man

    CloudPlayzPokemonCloudPlayzPokemonPred mesecem
  • They make you blow multiple times while driving because you could cheat the system by having someone blow in it for you before you leave. But you could just have them ride with you

    Nicholas BeckerNicholas BeckerPred mesecem
  • im surprised he didnt say "a way to defeat the 5min and 20min intervals is to blow a 00, smoke your alcohol quickly, then drive very fast to your destination" lmfao

    Trap MouseTrap MousePred mesecem
  • I watch these stupid fucking videos when I’m crafting shit. I cut my finger when he said I couldn’t tell a Tuesday from a gorilla.

  • Me holding a bolo pipe at the local smoke shoppe: "Does this work for alcohol?"

    LoFi RivenLoFi RivenPred mesecem
  • 🤣🤣

    Axel FerrerAxel FerrerPred mesecem
  • Does this work for UA's too?

    Tyler JonesTyler JonesPred mesecem
  • Just started watching your videos and idk why I didn't start sooner

    Aidan KrautnerAidan KrautnerPred mesecem
  • Everyone knows all you got to do is use a syringe and inject your alcohol to pass a breathalyzer. And while he's at it he could throw a little heroin in there then use his little vape device to smoke a little rock or maybe a little meth. Problem solved and no breathalyzer trouble.

    Brian BransfieldBrian BransfieldPred mesecem
  • I wonder what the judge will think if they somehow come across this video...

    Funky_GaMble 773Funky_GaMble 773Pred mesecem
  • Next time he drinks meth

    Simmpdaddy GodSimmpdaddy GodPred mesecem
  • 4:56 me just sitting here drinking alone watching idubbbz

    MalformedllamaMalformedllamaPred mesecem
  • 6:11

    Ian MigIan MigPred mesecem
  • Bro if you inhale alcohol vapors youll displace the oxygen in your lungs. Your basically suffocating yourself to get high

    abzdeftabzdeftPred mesecem
  • you gave me AIDS, thank you

    Andrew WheatonAndrew WheatonPred mesecem
  • Good buzz? I don't think I've ever thought "hmm I think I'm gonna pop to the pub for a good buzz". This guy's a bell end!

    nox 333nox 333Pred mesecem
  • Idubbbz: has two monitors Also Idubbbz: uses laptop right in front of the monitors

    Red-Panda-King67Red-Panda-King67Pred mesecem
  • My dad had one when I was kid named it Samantha

    Ian WilkinsIan WilkinsPred mesecem
  • we get it, you vape

    Sam Lives HereSam Lives HerePred mesecem
  • 8:17

    Jeffery G' Orden EditzJeffery G' Orden EditzPred mesecem
  • I could not blow into that machine for 5 months , I can only hold my breath for about a minute max so no way I can blow for that long !!! My ex might be able to tho? She blows loads 🤣 . Honest ask anyone 😂

    David DunnDavid DunnPred mesecem
  • Vape Naysh Yall

    Mikaelson Game of WarMikaelson Game of WarPred mesecem
  • My god I was taking a sip of my beer (ironic) at 3:40 and I sent that shit through my nose. 😂 I lost it

    Count FubuCount FubuPred mesecem
  • Lmao I knew a guy at a restaurant I use to work at that would just have the minors at our work blow into it after a shift. “Smart man” 😂

    Count FubuCount FubuPred mesecem
  • Simp

    Mind JokerMind JokerPred mesecem
  • At the bar: Hey can I get a shot of vodka [sets up meth lab equipment]

    Emily SpeckEmily SpeckPred mesecem
  • this was secretly a commercial for sobriety

    Connor ScarryConnor ScarryPred mesecem
  • IDUBlin, I get your frustration about not wanting to orally please the engine starting system, but there are people that cannot take it, they cannot get through one day without alcohol

    amir playaamir playaPred mesecem
  • are u autistic

    YEPYEPPred mesecem
  • You talking about fuckin', teach?

    Gnossienne GymnopedieGnossienne GymnopediePred mesecem
  • Yeah I can't understand drinkers that can't stop drinking...c'mon bro smoke a cigarette instead

    I8PEOPLE08I8PEOPLE08Pred mesecem
    • yeah, a cig or atleast just some weed lol

      bobby malonebobby malonePred mesecem
  • Drink your alcohol , or not drink your alcohol , nice advice , thanks

    Самуил АнтоновичСамуил АнтоновичPred mesecem
  • fun fact: alchohol vapor is made of alcohol alcohol burns especially in your lungs

    NosomeNosomePred mesecem
  • Simp

    Ethan BEthan BPred mesecem
    • Farmers tan

      Matnic_Matnic_Pred mesecem
    • *Pimp

      Jacob DuBoisJacob DuBoisPred mesecem
  • This actually seems a lot safer than drinking and driving. Sucks that he is getting made fun of for it.

    TheVikingDoctorTheVikingDoctorPred mesecem
  • The fact Ian looks like he smokes alcohol😂

    flippyz manflippyz manPred mesecem
  • The dude totally missed the point of his DUI. He's taking it as a challenge.

    Marlon MendezMarlon MendezPred mesecem
    • The point of a DUI is to not drive drunk, and he isn't doing that.

      Jacob DuBoisJacob DuBoisPred mesecem
  • Yeah what’s the big deal they can just shoot up and drive! Great substitute

  • This man is the living embodiment of that Rugrats clip where Stu is making chocolate pudding because he's lost control of his life.

    RegularshowmanRegularshowmanPred mesecem
  • Achievement unlocked: Alcoholism.

    Sheeeit MaynSheeeit MaynPred mesecem
  • When you vape alcohol, said sustance goes into your bloodstream at a rapid rate. Depending on the amount you vape, your chances of being poisoned increase severely given your body doesn't have the time to process that amount of alcohol. It can even create an addiction to alcohol, that would require the addicted person to drink a high amount of alcohol in a short time to "emulate" the sensation from vaping. Tl;dr: Don't vape alcohol

    FakkaFakkaPred mesecem
  • imagine having to blow ur car to get it to start. sounds like sextortion to me

    TC TruesdellTC TruesdellPred mesecem
  • The person above me is really sucky & fucky on that blowstick

    Tokyo JakeTokyo JakePred mesecem
  • Yet another reason taxes are so high in California.

    moonboogie N8moonboogie N8Pred mesecem
  • 8:01 idubbbz laughing at the guy admitting to failure

    buddyroachbuddyroachPred mesecem
  • wtf you can smoke alcohol?

    buddyroachbuddyroachPred mesecem
  • 5 months? maybe as the standard. my coworker is on probation for 5 years and he has to have this on his car for the entire duration of that.

    buddyroachbuddyroachPred mesecem
  • Here's a cool life hack: Stop judging people! You ready? Done.

    Vic HVic HPred mesecem
    • @what Yeah he is putting people in very dangerous places my mother got in a near-death car accident and the car got totaled in the middle of in intersection due to one of these fucks.

      BananajoemcrandomBananajoemcrandomPred mesecem
    • found the alcoholic

      bobby malonebobby malonePred mesecem
    • @what He isn't driving drunk dumbass.

      Jacob DuBoisJacob DuBoisPred mesecem
    • Ill contenue to judge that looser. Fucker is probably endangering people almost every day.

      whatwhatPred mesecem
  • Title should be: idubbbz complain drunk drivinf

    LemonSjLemonSjPred mesecem
  • "I got the butterflies in my brain" That sounds like you did some meth, next thing you know your teeth itch & you have ants on your eyes.

    Fnordy ShoeFnordy ShoePred mesecem
  • My mom made me blow the car to start it because she drinks everyday

    Maximus JohnstonMaximus JohnstonPred mesecem
    • No offense but ur mom is kinda a pos.

      whatwhatPred mesecem
  • This video reminded me of my favorite Mario 3D song

    Brandon MartinBrandon MartinPred mesecem
  • My boyfriend makes sure I stay in the dry throat gang

    Tootie FlutieTootie FlutiePred mesecem
  • "you talking about fucking teach?"

    Isaiah SarzozaIsaiah SarzozaPred mesecem
  • Bruh blunts are not as dangerous too

    Illusinary R3D3MPT10NIllusinary R3D3MPT10NPred mesecem
  • God just get a fucking uber if you wanna be an alcoholic degenerate for fucks sake dont risk killing some innocent family.

    maddogmaddogPred mesecem
    • @maddog No, his point was that if you drink the normal way, it can take hours for the blood to come down to normal levels. Which can screw you over if you drink too much the night before you need to go to work. Thus he smokes his alcohol, because it gets him drunk but it is fast to sober up. Is he an alcoholic degenerate, absolutely. But he is not driving drunk if that is what you think from this video.

      Jacob DuBoisJacob DuBoisPred mesecem
    • @Jacob DuBois yea hes driving drunk? That's the whole point!?! If not why would he even make the video or need this if he was going to drive sober to begin with?

      maddogmaddogPred mesecem
    • He isn't driving drunk. He is sober when he breathes into the breathalizer.

      Jacob DuBoisJacob DuBoisPred mesecem
  • on a real note, don’t drink and drive

    crunchytiktokscrunchytiktoksPred mesecem
  • Here we see ian's brand new content mall cop.

    Noob NoobNoob NoobPred mesecem
  • Of course he has my favorite drink, Wild Turkey 101, on his countertop.

    I Threw That PencilI Threw That PencilPred mesecem
  • Welp... okay.

  • After 11 months i just realised that the song from the video was the same as the outro of techmoan,what a small World.

    BrianBrianPred mesecem
  • Okay but telling people with an alcohol problem to cut cold turkey is such a bad fucking idea.

    Jojo490Jojo490Pred mesecem
  • this is some depressing shit

    Daniel MogerDaniel MogerPred mesecem
  • Can’t u just take up a crack addiction? Would be much easier

    Alistair MagaryAlistair MagaryPred mesecem
  • Yo this guy gettin swole

  • I watched this while my family had an argument

    Tificul TimesTificul TimesPred mesecem
  • The shitty part about these devices is they error often and force you to blow while you are driving which is super unsafe. My friend who almost crashed on the freeway because it make her blow while merging. Why can't they use testers that function the same way people check their blood sugar? Safer, easier and way more accurate.

    kokana24kokana24Pred mesecem
    • You'd need both hands to do it, well at least with the ones I use making the risk even higher

      Professor IvyProfessor IvyPred mesecem